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Lave Auto Aylmer Car Wash



Lave Auto Aylmer Car Wash


69 Rue Front
Gatineau Quebec J9H 4X7


(819) 684-2002

We offer a complete detailing service, including interior and exterior hand washing, hand waxing, tire and wheel treatment, carpet and seat shampooing, towel drying, and more!

We treat your vehicle like it's ours!


About Gatineau

Gatineau ( GAT-in-oh; French: [ɡatino]) is a city in south western Quebec, Canada. It is located on the northern bank of the Gatineau river, immediately across from Ottawa, Ontario. Gatineau is the largest city in the Outaouais administrative region and is part of Canada's National Capital Region. As of 2021, Gatineau is the fourth-largest city in Quebec with a population of 291,041, and a census metropolitan area population of 1,488,307 making it the fourth largest in Canada.Gatineau is coextensive with a territory equivalent to a regional county municipality (TE) and census division (CD) of the same name, whose geographical code is 81. It is the seat of the judicial district of Hull.There are two hypotheses to explain the origin of the city's name.



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Kelvin Prosyk

Best car wash in Gatineau

My old car is like new. Upon getting in to my 12 year old Mazda after I had it cleaned at Lave Auto Aylmer with full-package detailing, my father-in-law congratulated me on my purchase of a new car. It had gone from mud-caked, dirty, and frankly stinking to spotless and shining, inside and out. The staff were quick and professional. I sat in their air conditioned waiting room and the job was done in less than two hours. Bargain-hunter’s tip — it is less expensive than Tops Car Wash in Ottawa, plus you can book a reservation. One warning: make sure to thoroughly air dry the interior and mats afterwards since the dampness left by the carpet shampoo will start to mould if you don’t.

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